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Product Finishes and Accessories

Product Finishes and Accessories

All of our products can be finished in a variety of ways and with the number of custom powder coat colors and stone options the combinations are endless. If you want to match any color in your environment, we can do it.

Click here to go to Prismatic Powders to see all of your choices.Prismatic Colors

Our stainless steel components have some standard finishes that we offer::

  • Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Electro-Polished Stainless Steel
  • Powder-Coated
  • Copper-Plated

Our standard stones that we offer are granitejust recommendations, you or your designer can personally select any stone from slab yards in the Los Angeles area or pick a granite from our online stone selection from Arizona Tile. We will acquire your selected stone and fabricate all of your stone needs whether it is your entire outdoor kitchen or just the top to your fire pit table.

If you are currently doing stone fabrication on your job and want to match the stone, you can buy any piece minus the stone and fabricate the top yourself. This practice can reduce shipping problems when working on projects outside of CA.





cooke_furniture_glass_optionsClick here to see our entire collection of Fire Pit Glass to complete your masterpiece.

Our beautiful, fire-safe glass is available in an array of colors at an affordable price! Sold in one-pound increments, our glass pieces are formulated for safe use in fire.

Add some sparkle to your fireplace, fire pit table or fire pit, or use your imagination and place sparkling accents in any decor by putting it in flower arrangements, centerpieces, water features and more.

Pick reflective glass and add a touch of glamor to a cozy outdoor haven.

Please contact us at (951) 805-0314 to explore your endless customization possibilities.

Fire Pit Table Accessories


Glass Wind Guard

Our Cooke Collection has an optional glass wind screen that is made from 3/8” tempered glass that it glued together, it is available in clear glass and star fire (ultra clear) glass.

Our So Cal Collection is available with a 3/16 thick glass wind screen the is held together with chrome corner clamps

Cloth Cover

We offer cloth covers as options for our products, our Cooke Collection has cloth covers available in many colors and materials while our So Cal collection has Grey or Beige Cloth covers to choose from.

Electronic Ignition

The Cooke Collection is available with full electronic ignition. Our ignition systems are top of the line fully automatic control system which operates on 24 volts switched power. This allows the fire pit to be ignited or distinguished by a remote switch which can be a wall switch, timer or home control system.

Forced Air Heating

Forced air heating is available on our Cooke collection. This features generates heat from an electric heating element and a blower which distributes hot air to the user through four directional air vents. 

LED Lighting

Ambient LED down lighting is available on our Cooke Collection which provides a calm glow beneath the table top. This allows for easy operation of seating and provides an elevated ambiance to your outdoor living space.

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